RC Robonoise 4wd Rover from LEGO Technic - Actionoise unboxing and first use

To learn more visit https://www.actionoise.com This is an unboxing and first use video of an Actionoise board kit and me building a Robonoise rover from lego. The Actionoise board gets different frequencies from the phone over the audio jack for different motion of the included 4 stepper motors.

Its sort of a first-person remote control car in my case, but at ACTIONOISE they also have build RC tanks and boats and there are people worldwide that use each other's Robonoise rover remotely :). Distance is not a problem, with internet access you are one video call away :) .

To learn more visit https://www.actionoise.com 

So I pulled some text from Wikipedia and I am thinking this is telepresence: Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present 

ACTIONOISEBOARD KIT: https://www.actionoise.com/shop/index.php 
the board size is 10cm x 10cm 
the kit includes:
n-1 male jack 3.5mm with wire(long40cm)  4poles (soldered)
n-2 microcontroller programmed for actionoise function + 2 socket 28pin.(IC S1,IC R1);
n-2 ULN 2803 + 2 socket 18pin.(icM2,icM1);
n-2 electrolitic capacitor 47uF 16v (c1,c2);
n-2 quarts quarzo 16.000mhz hc49s.(q,q);
n-4 relay 5v 6pin (r1,r2,r3,r4);
n-1 operational amp LM328+socket8pin (amp);
n-1 inductance 10MH (L);
n-2 resistor 100kHom (r3,r2);
n-1 resistor 47kHom (r4);
n-1 resistor 3kHom (r5);
n-1 resistor 2Khome (r1);
n-4 motor stepper 5v dc 28BYJ-48;(left.wheel,right.wheel,right.nordsud,left.nordsud)
n-1 battery box for model battery 3.7v 18650 (can work just with a battery,are 2 for more autonomy);
n-1 charge module for 2 battery 3.7v in parallel for more amph, with this module is possible
to park in charge the robonoise for long time why control it in automatic the cicle of charge and
n-20 socket pin for stepper motor;
n-10 socket pin for pinout i/o for arduino (not included)
(in additional at the kit is possible to buy another two different
-COMBO- for to connect an arduino and a tank with brushless motor.
-servo- for connect an arduino and servo motor in there.