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Support me!

Running a Youtube channel and other varieties of social media with a focus on quality requires time, space and equipment. I’m spending nearly every free minute doing something Tech related because I enjoy doing it and enjoy creating worthwhile content for you to consume. I have dedicated an entire room to Youtube Tech, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing and have invested in camera, lighting, audio and editing hardware, and while my videos would probably work just as well in 720p and with half the editing effort, knowing that I’m delivering the best quality I can is a huge part of why I keep on making videos.

If you want to show your appreciation for the things I create, here’s what you can do. Most of these are completely free for you!

Watch my videos!

All of them are free to watch and a rising view counter shows me that my content is useful to someone and add to the advertising revenue from YouTube.

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Sharing is caring – bring knowledge to your friends, too!

Use the Amazon and Banggood affiliate links!

If you buy things on Amazon and Banggood through these affiliate links, I will receive a small advertising fee from these sites – the best part is, you’re not paying anything extra when using them! I’ll sometimes post links that take you straight to relevant articles below my videos, but here are the generic links that take you to the homepage of each shop – you can even add these to your bookmarks for buying anything else!


I’m not a huge fan of asking you for your hard-earned money, so I don't.

No matter if you’re equipping an entire server rack with new hardware through the Amazon links or just throwing me the occasional thumbs up – thank you so much!